Your Pooch Will Love a Trip to Nunziato Field Dog Park

The Nunziato Field Dog Park is a great place to take your pooch for some exercise and socialization.  Source: Yelp

One of the best perks of living at our lovely rental apartments at the Residences at Wellington Place is that it is a pet friendly community. Dogs are especially welcomed, and you will both enjoy the number of activities you can engage in together conveniently close to the apartments. Perhaps the best of these things is a visit to the Nunziato Field Dog … [Read more...]

Find Impeccable Produce at the Central Square Farmers Market

The Central Square Farmers Market is one of the best independent grocers found near your Medford apartments.  Source: Facebook

When you visit a farmers market, you can find lots of fresh produce that can be used to make healthy meals for you and your family. You can find great farmers markets near our apartment community, and one of the best markets is the Central Square Farmers Market. The farmers market season recently began and will last into November. You will have a long … [Read more...]

Shop for Great Deals at the Meadow Glen Mall

The Meadow Glen Mall is a superb shopping hot spot found near your Medford apartments.  Source: Facebook

There are many amenities that go hand in hand with living at our lovely Residences at Wellington Place rental apartments. If you enjoy shopping for a wide variety of merchandise, you will be pleased to know that you can visit the Meadow Glen Mall for just about anything you want or need. Not only can you shop, but you can also engage in some fun activities … [Read more...]

FitLAB Pilates is a Fantastic Fitness Resource

FitLAB Pilates is a great resource for anyone in Medford who is looking to hit their 2015 fitness goals.  Source: Facebook

Exercising properly is harder than most people think. It should be a holistic combination of diet, stretching, proper equipment and, yes, the actual types of exercise. So before you head down to the Wellington Pace fitness center, consider learning how to use it properly. That’s where FitLAB Pilates comes in. Located at 1305 Cambridge Street in … [Read more...]

Breathe Easy this Spring with These Tips to Defeat Allergies

Here are some helpful tips for anyone in need of aid in keeping your springtime allergies under control. Source: Pixabay

Spring has finally come to the Medford area. Although you're probably excited about the warmer temperatures and longer days, if you're an allergy sufferer, you're probably also worried about unwanted symptoms. These health tips will help keep your allergies under control this spring: Make sure your curtains are washable, and clean them regularly. They … [Read more...]

Time to Spring Forward into a New Exercise Routine

Here are some tips to help you hit your 2015 fitness goals here at your Medford apartments with a fitness center.  Source: Facebook

Even as the cold weather lingers on, Spring will come and that means a transition from more in-door exercise to being able to take advantage of being able to get outside for things like biking or running. Yet living in an apartment with fitness center near Boston gives you other options as well. Here are some tips on how to mix it up. Make Achievable … [Read more...]

Boston Restaurants You Need To Try This Spring

Coppersmith, Loyal Nine, and The Backroom are all fantastic Boston-area restaurants that you'll want to try this year.  Source: Facebook

Celebrate the arrival of spring by trying some new Boston restaurants. There are several new restaurants scheduled to open their doors this season, and you could be one of the first ones to sample their fare. Coppersmith - With executive chef Chris Henry at the helm, Coppersmith plans to serve precise, detailed dishes that emphasize the use of seasonal … [Read more...]

Treat Your Dog to a Healthy Homemade Snack

pug wellington

We all love home-made food especially when someone like you mother or grandmother makes it! Yet we never think that perhaps our pooch might want something to snack on which wasn’t processed at some factory. With a lot of pet snacks/foods being recalled of late, making some safe (and tasty!) snacks for your dog makes sense. Here’s how to make … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Taste of the South with Mandolin Orange at The Sinclair

mandolin orange wellington

On May 12th, fans of music in Boston are invited to enjoy the unique sounds of Mandolin Orange, a talented folk duo who experienced breakout success with the release of their 2013 album, "This Side of Jordan." They'll be playing at The Sinclair in Cambridge, which is only about 20 minutes from Wellington Place Apartments. Andrew Marlin and Emily Franz of … [Read more...]

Cheer Runners to the Finish Line at the Boston Marathon

boston marathon wellington

Every sport has their “Superbowl” and when it comes to marathon runners, this means the Boston Marathon! The 2015 Boston Marathon will be held on Monday April 20th with race start times varying between types of racers. It’s one of the largest regional events so why not go cheer the runners on? The first participants (mobility impaired) kick off from … [Read more...]