Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Look Its Most Inviting

inviting apartment design

Having an inviting apartment makes it a great place to hang out. However, how do you go about creating the apartment design you want that makes your space more comfortable? Try these apartment decorating tips to create an inviting atmosphere in your home: Make your entrance way set the tone for the whole apartment. You can accomplish this by … [Read more...]

Get a Great Meal at Pastalina’s Restaurant & Catering

Pastalinas Italian Food in Medford MA

There are many fine restaurants in Medford that are in very close proximity to our luxurious Wellington Place apartment community. If you are looking for a great place to dine out with friends or family when you're craving delicious and authentic Italian cuisine, the best spot in town is Pastalina's Restaurant and Catering. Pastalina's Restaurant and … [Read more...]

Get In Shape at the Boston Rock Gym

Boston Rock Gym

This spring there are many things to do in Medford that will help you and your family to get into better shape. One fun spot is the Boston Rock Gym. In business since 1989, the BRG helps children and adults to be the best that they can be. The BRG offers not only state of the art facilities with a wide range of climbing activities designed for … [Read more...]

Check Out the New England Aquarium’s Exciting Exhibits

little blue penguin

Looking for things to do in Boston to help celebrate the coming of spring and summer? How about spending the day at the New England Aquarium! The aquarium includes attractions meant to excite, educate, and astound audiences of all ages. The New England Aquarium can be found on Central Wharf and includes a variety of exhibits with plants and animals … [Read more...]

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at the Sweet Spot Bakery


The great thing about living at Wellington Place is the dessert spots in Medford. If you are in the mood to satisfy your sweet tooth, head over to the Sweet Spot Bakery. The sweets. You will find large variety of cookies, brownies and cupcakes. From red velvet and oatmeal, to chocolate chip and dipped shortbread. They even offer gluten free cupcakes. … [Read more...]

Three Handy Tips for Off Season Storage Items

Spring storage solutions

When the seasons change, it seems like everything starts to pile up. If you are absolutely exhausted by the clutter and need someplace to stash all the winter clothes before spring cleaning, here are some apartment storage tips that are sure to ease your ilk. Go for the extremes! Placing items you don't need right now, like clothing and boots, on … [Read more...]

Boston’s Best Seafood: the Neptune Oyster Restaurant

Neptune Oyster Bar Boston MA

If you’re looking for an apartment home you can be proud of in a prime location, Residences at Wellington Place is for you.  One look at their great floor plans and remodeled kitchens and you will be sold.  Of course their great clubroom, fitness center and swimming pool just seal the deal. This amenity-rich property is also conveniently located close to … [Read more...]

Apartment Layout Tips: Three Ways to Divide a Room

Get creative with room dividers

The best way to utilize any space is to make it multi-functional. You want to be able to make the most of any space you have and a good way to do this is by dividing a room. When apartment living, try these three ways you can divide a room. You can easily keep your entrance way separate from the rest of your space by putting up bookshelves as … [Read more...]

Pick Up a Cool Hobby: Take a Medieval Martial Arts Class

Athena School of Arms in Medford

There are lots of things to do in Medford that you're going to enjoy. The great thing about deciding to take a medieval martial arts class at the Athena School of Arms is that the class will provide you with so much more than just a way to pass the time. You won't believe how much you're going to benefit from the experience. The first thing you'll … [Read more...]

Get Great Italian Food at Salvatore’s Restaurant

Authentic Italian Food in Medford

One of the best reasons to call our luxurious Wellington Place apartment community is because there are many great Medford restaurants you can visit. If you are not up for cooking for yourself at home, you can go to town and get a great bite to eat at a number of places. If you are craving authentic Italian food, the best place in the area is Salvatore's … [Read more...]