Enjoy a Dinner and a Movie Night Out in Medford

Not Your Average Joe's and the AMC Assembly Row 12 movie theater are two terrific venues for your next dinner and a movie date night.  Source: Facebook

If you've got an upcoming date and you're still not sure what to do, you might want to consider combining a tasty dinner at Not Your Average Joe's with a movie at AMC Assembly Row 12. This is a perfect date night schedule for residents of our Wellington Place apartments. Open since 1994, Not Your Average Joe's has a Medford location on Fellsway Station … [Read more...]

Fun Things to Do When You’re Snowed In

Here are some fun things to do to keep you from getting cabin fever if you're snowed in.  Source: morgueFile

It has been a snowy winter, and residents of colder regions of the country- like the Medford area- already have spent some time snowed in. Residents at Wellington Place can consider the following things to do if you're snowed in if they find themselves looking for entertainment without leaving the home: Do some cleaning- Many of us are guilty of … [Read more...]

Break a Sweat in Your Medford Apartments’ Fitness Center

Here are some exercise tips to help you hit your 2015 fitness goals here at your Medford apartments.   Source: Facebook

Did you know that our Wellington Place apartment community offers a fitness center that residents can use to get in shape? This convenient amenity gives community residents a perfect place for exercising in Medford with the following exercises tips: Stretching- Never forget to stretch before or after exercising. In particular, stretch out calves, … [Read more...]

Leap Towards Spring Cleaning at Your Medford Apartment

Here are some handy tips for anyone looking to get a head start on their spring cleaning here at your Medford apartments.  Source: morgueFile

Residents at Wellington Place who have been coping with a long hard winter should be comforted by the fact that spring is right around the corner. You can prepare your apartment home for the new season with the following spring cleaning tips: Wash your windows- Cloudy windows that are covered with blemishes significantly detract from your home appearance … [Read more...]

Staying Warm And Green Despite Medford’s Winter Cold

Here are some tips to help you go green AND stay warm here at your Medford apartments.  Source: morgueFile

This winter has been a hard one for communities all across New England. However, residents at Wellington Place can stay comfortable and energy efficient at the same time with the following three tips. Dress warm- Rather than expecting your heating system to work extra hard, bundle up around the house. Put a sweater on and by extra warm thermal throws to … [Read more...]

Breat Back the Winter Chill at Mystic Coffee Roaster

Mystic Coffee Roaster is a terrific resource for anyone looking for their morning or afternoon pick-me-up around Medford.  Source: Facebook

Have you tried a rich and flavorful cup 'o Joe at Mystic Coffee Roaster? This is one of the most popular coffeehouses in Medford, and it's located only about six minutes from our Wellington Place apartment community. Mystic Coffee Roaster roasts their own coffee and has a café that's found in Medfor Square. Among the many delightful menu items at Mystic … [Read more...]

Enjoy an Authentic Italian Meal at Bob’s Italian Foods

Bob's Italian Foods

While New England is known more for English inspired food (duh!), the area has its fair share of people who came from Southern Italy. While maybe not as well known as enclaves in New Jersey, there are plenty of good Italian restaurants near Medford. One you should definitely try is Bob’s Italian Food. Located in downtown Medford at 324 Main … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Taste from The Border at Tenoch Mexican

Tenoch Mexican Restaurant

New England and the Tri-State area are known for their love of food you can eat with your hands. Whether it’s a grinder, a piece of pizza or crab cakes, people like their food rather portable. Lately the tortas, a Mexican newcomer, has become popular. But which of all of the Mexican restaurants near Medford is the best? The answer is located on 24 … [Read more...]

Learn Yoga at Borealis Community Yoga

Borealis Community Yoga

Many people make New Year’s Eve resolutions to get into better shape. So they go hit the gym, start jogging, biking or any other sort of activity only to find out how much it hurts. Why? Because there is so little emphasis put onto properly stretching and keeping one’s body flexible. While many people think of yoga more in a philosophical way, it’s one … [Read more...]

Savor the Flavors at Cantina La Mexicana

Cantina La Mexicana

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find good bars paired up with a good restaurants in Medford. At Cantina La Mexicana, though, you won’t find that problem! A quick trip across the river to 247 Washington Street in Somerville, Cantina La Mexicana is a great place to get great drinks and great, authentic Mexican food. How can you go wrong with a full bar, … [Read more...]