Interactive Dog Toys Are a Great Distraction for Your Furry Friend

Here are some interactive dog toys that your pooch is sure to love. Source: Pixabay

Apartment living can be hard on dogs, especially large and active breeds. To keep them entertained and avoid boredom caused behavior problems, owners must ensure dogs have a variety of toys to occupy their minds. These days, some of the most popular dog toys are interactive. Rather than simply offering the dog something to chew, interactive toys challenge … [Read more...]

Try Out These Recipes for a Healthy Summer Dish

Here are some healthy recipe ideas that you'll want to cook-up here at your Medford apartments.  Source: Pixabay

After the cold of winter, it’s easy to forget how much “fun” it is to cook when it’s hot and humid. So the temptation is to go with quick, processed foods. To avoid this, try out these healthy recipe ideas which are sure to be a hit. Grilled Shrimp Souvlaki: Recipes from the Mediterranean are great for summer as they were designed with a hot … [Read more...]

Keep Your Core Tight at Our Fitness Center

Here are some core strength exercises that will help you hit your fitness goals for 2015.  Source: Shutterstock

Staying in shape is an important factor in keeping healthy, which is why we've provided our residents with a state-of-the-art fitness center. The following are a few great core strength exercises that we highly recommend you do at our fitness center on a regular basis to keep that core tight: Crunches and sit-ups - These are two classic core exercises. … [Read more...]

Blue Fuji Promises Sushi That Raises the Bar

Blue Fuji boasts some tasty sushi, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine.  Source: Blue Fuji via Facebook

When it comes to Asian restaurants in Medford, one you should try if you like sushi is the Blue Fuji. They have a variety of Asian styles for those who aren’t sushi fans. Best yet, those needing gluten-free dishes can be accommodated as well. Located at 38 Salem Street in Medford, Blue Fuji is 7-10 minutes away from your Wellington Place apartment. Yet … [Read more...]

A Bowling Experience With a Retro Twist

Lanes & Games is a bodacious bowling alley, arcade, and fun center found near your Medford apartments.  Source: Lanes & Games via Facebook

Bowling has an odd place in America’s consciousness. At once a great family game, or a popular game with singles (beer may be involved) it’s also a game of league teams. Not as energetic as football or soccer or ‘cool’ as billiards, bowling is still a favorite activity for young and old alike. In New England this love is heightened by the options … [Read more...]

ImprovBoston Has All Your Comedy Needs In Mind

ImprovBoston boasts some of the funniest improv comedy found near your Medford apartments.  Source: ImprovBoston via Facebook

There are many DIY things to do these days and can even include music. A lot of people like to throw back a few and then sing some karaoke. But what about comedy in Medford? Too often we think of comedy as being something only professionals do. Well that isn’t the case. ImprovBoston isn’t just a venue to check out some of Massachusetts best local … [Read more...]

Make the Most of the Warm Weather with a Trip to Victory Road Park

Victory Road Park is a great place to go for a stroll and enjoy the warm weather.  Source:

The warm weather always draws people outside to enjoy the great outdoors. You can bask in the green grass and fresh air during the warmer months of the year at Victory Road Park. This park is located near our luxury apartment community. When you arrive at the park you will find that there is parking available for people who come to visit the location. … [Read more...]

More Tips to Help You Go Green Here in Medford

Here are some terrific tips to help you go green here at your Medford apartments.  Source: morgueFile

With the cold weather fading and warmer weather ahead, the challenges to stay green in your apartment change. Yet there are plenty of ways you can be eco-friendly in your apartment as long as you follow these green living tips. LED Lights: Not only do these lights save energy, they generate almost no heat. Balcony Garden: Growing your own fresh herbs … [Read more...]

Your Pooch Will Love a Trip to Nunziato Field Dog Park

The Nunziato Field Dog Park is a great place to take your pooch for some exercise and socialization.  Source: Yelp

One of the best perks of living at our lovely rental apartments at the Residences at Wellington Place is that it is a pet friendly community. Dogs are especially welcomed, and you will both enjoy the number of activities you can engage in together conveniently close to the apartments. Perhaps the best of these things is a visit to the Nunziato Field Dog … [Read more...]

Find Impeccable Produce at the Central Square Farmers Market

The Central Square Farmers Market is one of the best independent grocers found near your Medford apartments.  Source: Facebook

When you visit a farmers market, you can find lots of fresh produce that can be used to make healthy meals for you and your family. You can find great farmers markets near our apartment community, and one of the best markets is the Central Square Farmers Market. The farmers market season recently began and will last into November. You will have a long … [Read more...]