Enjoy an Authentic Italian Meal at Bob’s Italian Foods

Bob's Italian Foods

While New England is known more for English inspired food (duh!), the area has its fair share of people who came from Southern Italy. While maybe not as well known as enclaves in New Jersey, there are plenty of good Italian restaurants near Medford. One you should definitely try is Bob’s Italian Food. Located in downtown Medford at 324 Main … [Read more...]

Enjoy a Taste from The Border at Tenoch Mexican

Tenoch Mexican Restaurant

New England and the Tri-State area are known for their love of food you can eat with your hands. Whether it’s a grinder, a piece of pizza or crab cakes, people like their food rather portable. Lately the tortas, a Mexican newcomer, has become popular. But which of all of the Mexican restaurants near Medford is the best? The answer is located on 24 … [Read more...]

Learn Yoga at Borealis Community Yoga

Borealis Community Yoga

Many people make New Year’s Eve resolutions to get into better shape. So they go hit the gym, start jogging, biking or any other sort of activity only to find out how much it hurts. Why? Because there is so little emphasis put onto properly stretching and keeping one’s body flexible. While many people think of yoga more in a philosophical way, it’s one … [Read more...]

Savor the Flavors at Cantina La Mexicana

Cantina La Mexicana

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find good bars paired up with a good restaurants in Medford. At Cantina La Mexicana, though, you won’t find that problem! A quick trip across the river to 247 Washington Street in Somerville, Cantina La Mexicana is a great place to get great drinks and great, authentic Mexican food. How can you go wrong with a full bar, … [Read more...]

Get in Shape This Winter with MetaBody Yoga & Fitness Pass

MetaBody is a great resource for anyone looking to find fun and fitness here at your Medford apartments.  Source: Facebook

Staying fit can get boring if you only limit yourself to jogging or using weight machines. While good for the body, are you getting the best workout for the entire you? Why not try a workout which will tune up your mind and body? That’s where a MetaBody Yoga & Fitness pass comes in! It’s not just sun salutations and stretches with a MetaBody Yoga … [Read more...]

Hear George Thorogood & The Destroyers Rock Out at Lynn Auditorium

Classic rockers George Thorogood & The Destroyers are headed to the Lynn Auditorium on February 28th for what is sure to be an incredible concert.  Source: Facebook

One advantage enjoyed today is we’re not tied to radio stations for music. Thus new or old music is available via satellite or things like Pandora or Spotify. This means new generations can enjoy great music which in the past would fade into “easy listening” versions at your dentist’s office. Luckily this won’t be the fate of the classic hard rock … [Read more...]

Taste Incredible Chili at the annual”Some Like it Hot” Chili Cook-off

The 7th Annual “Some Like It Hot” Chili Cook-Off is setting up to be the best one yet! Source: Facebook

With winter in full swing and temperatures dipping into the nippy to biting cold range, wouldn’t it be great to have eat some food which is not only hot but spicy? If so than the 7th Annual “Some Like It Hot” Chili Cook-Off is for you this January 31st! Hosted by the Harvard Square Business Association, The cook-off is a free event in Deguglielmo … [Read more...]

Billy Idol is Coming to the Orpheum Theatre

80s rock icon Billy Idol is performing a show at the Orpheum Theatre on Saturday, January 31st.  Source: Facebook

Looking back can make many people nostalgic. It made famous rock singer Billy Idol compose a new album after working on his autobiography. With both completed, now he’s going on tour to promote his first album with new work in a decade. And you can see him on January 31st at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston! Billy Idol’s road has been difficult given how … [Read more...]

Enjoy an Evening with Patty Larkin at the Museum of Fine Arts

Consummate folk and country artist Patty Larkin is coming to the MFA for an intimate concert on January 28th.  Source: Facebook

Folk music used to mean a traditional sort of rural music filled with optimism. Not tied to anyone country, folk has many voices. Today, however, folk is being rediscovered and infused with new elements. One singer/songwriter that typifies this trend is Patty Larkin who will be hosted at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) this 28th of January. Born in the … [Read more...]

Ben Howard Coming to the House of Blues

British folk sensation Ben Howard is coming to the House of Blues on January 27th.  Source: Facebook

Folk music usually conjures up images of farmer’s markets, historical venues or old timey musicals. Yet folk music but its very name and nature is music of people. As such folk music is being rediscovered by many people across the globe. One such is British folk sensation Ben Howard who will be bringing his U.S. tour promoting his record I Forget Where We … [Read more...]