5 Simple Things That Can Turn Your Living Room into an Upscale Space

You can make your space look more fashionable and upscale simply by utilizing the following tips.

Your living room is a space in Medford, MA apartments where you spend a lot of time. You rest in your living room. You may also entertain in your living room. You can make this space look more fashionable and upscale simply by utilizing the following tips. Consider variety. When you have a variety of textures and and patterns in your room, it give the … [Read more...]

Try Authentic Brazilian Cuisine at Oasis in Medford, MA

The Oasis Brazilian Steakhouse boasts some of the tastiest Brazilian cuisine found around Medford.  Source: Oasis Brazilian Steakhouse via Facebook

Steak is one food no one can deny Americans cook well. Many might say it’s to us what sushi is for the Japanese or sauerkraut to the Germans. But there are other places in the Americas which do steak right and you can find the South American take on stake at Oasis Brazilian Steakhouse! Conveniently located at 373 Main Street close to many other fine … [Read more...]

Great Breakfast Foods to Serve at Your Wellington Place Home

You'll love whipping up these tasty breakfast foods!  Source: Pixabay

What’s the point of having living in luxury Boston apartments with a breakfast bar if you don’t show it off? A flashy bar requires some tasty food so here are a few things you can serve up to your guests as the belly up to the breakfast bar! Buttermilk Pancakes Forget making this traditional food from a mix. Try this recipe out to find would why it … [Read more...]

Keep Your Aquarium Clean at Your Wellington Place Apartment

Here are some tips to help you clean and maintain your aquarium.  Source: Pixabay

Everyone knows that Wellington Place is pet-friendly. Yet most people equate pets with four legs like cats/dogs. Yet a lot of people keep fish and keeping their aquarium clean can be just as much work as keeping pet fur off the furniture. A lot of keeping your aquarium clean begins before you start as the mix of plants and fish will have a big impact on … [Read more...]

The Big Lebowski Bowling Party Returns to Coolidge Corner Theatre

The annual Big Lebowski Bowling Party is returning to the Coolidge Corner Theatre for another fantastic event full of bowling, costums, and white russians.  Source: The Big Lebowski via Facebook

You can find many unique and fun events that happen near our luxury Boston apartments. The Big Lebowski is a Big Screen Classic event which is held annually at the Coolidge Corner Theatre. This very popular event is an evening filled with a variety of events to celebrate the classic film The Big Lebowski. You will enjoy a fun night of bowling along with … [Read more...]

Have a Blast at the Big Country Boston Pub Crawl

The Big Country Boston Pub Crawl is set to extend to a variety of pubs around Fenway Park.  Source: Pixabay

When you are a resident of our apartments near Boston you will find many fun activities that take place near our apartment community. An upcoming event is on the top of the list of fun things to do. It is the Big Country Boston Pub Crawl. This event will take place in the area around Fenway Park. You will join others as the group moves from bar to bar to … [Read more...]

Great Veterinarians and Animal Clinics Around Medford

The Looby Veterinary Group, Angell Animal Medical Center, and Union Square Veterinary Clinic are some of the tip veterinary clinics and animal centers found around Medford.  Source: Pixabay

We here at Wellington Place strive to be pet-friendly and know moving to a new area can be stressful for you and your pet. For those new to the area, here is a list of highly rated veterinarians and animal clinics in Medford all within 15 minute driving distance. The Looby Veterinary Group - Located at 637 High Street, the clinic is focused on … [Read more...]

Relax and Unwind at Serenity in the City

Serenity in the City is a great relaxation resource for anyone looking to destress and unwind.  Source: Serenity in the City via Yelp

It’s easy to think that summer is a great time to decompress and unwind. But while hanging out by the pool can be relaxing, the stress of life doesn’t stop for summer. So if you need to pamper yourself, head on down to Serenity in the City. So close you can walk to it in under 15 minutes, Serenity in the City is located on 269 Middlesex Avenue by the … [Read more...]

Food That Help You Stay Hydrated Despite the Summer Heat

Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated during our hot summer here in Medford.  Source: Pixabay

Your body is comprised mostly of water and that level needs to be maintained. Hydration affects everything from your digestion, blood pressure to how clearly you think. One way to stay hydrated is to eat water rich foods. So here are some food tips to help you stay hydrated this summer! Sodium Recovery - While those with high blood pressure should be … [Read more...]

The Medford Public Library Boasts Books and More

The Medford Public Library boasts something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy!  Source: Medford Public Library via Twitter

There was a time (not so long ago) when it was felt the regional library with its books would fade from the American landscape like drive-ins and soda fountain cafes of the 1950s. Even the printed-book days were felt to be numbered. Oh how wrong they were. Today’s libraries are going strong and you can see this via a trip to the Medford Public … [Read more...]